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Teaching kids to have compassion and empathy for their animal friends is vital for preventing cruelty to animals as well as in raising them to respect and treat those who are different from them with kindness.

Here are few tips in helping to teach your child to respect animals:

  • Take your child to a shelter – Visit an animal shelter and spend few hours every month or so playing with abandoned pets or giving them some care
  • Visit a zoo or a farm – In zoos and farms, animals enjoy a simulated natural habitat and this can help your kids learn more about how animals live.
  • Read books about animals – Books that feature a child and an animal being friends can help your child develop empathy and respect for animals.
  • Watch movies about animals – Finding Nemo, Bambi and Free Willy are a few movies among others that help kids learn to love animals
  • Consider getting a pet – If you have the space, the time and the inclination, consider bringing home a pet. Your child will learn to love and care for the animal like another member of your family.

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